Asian Medical Student’s Exchange Programme (AMSEP) is a subsidiary of AMSA International which has established an exchange programme  between students of different AMSA Chapters since 2003.It allows students  to experience the medical education and healthcare system of the existing country.

Students also get a chance to experience the culture and heritage  of the exchange country,thus giving a complete exchange experience.

Community Service,an integral part of every exchange, helps provide aid & assistance to the needy.



AMSEP India aims to enhance its performance via improving creativity, dedication and team work, and can show the beauty and warmth of India throughout the unforgettable activities to our friends in AMSA International.
Hopefully, through this tenure, AMSEP-India can continuously empower its members to further learn from one another and step up to strengthen the past legacies and lead change.
‘Empowering Minds, Enhancing Performance’



  • To provide  holistic exchange opportunities for members of AMSA India.
  • To provide aid and assistance for annual conferences and events.
  • To strengthen AMSA’s vision of Knowledge,Action & Friendship.
  • To strengthen the existing bonds between AMSA chapters.
  • To equip the AMSA community through clinical,research & public health opportunities.


From Director AMSEP India

Anushree Rai (1)
Hello, People of tomorrow,
Greetings from India!
Namaste! Aapka swagat haiā¤
One of oldest civilizations in the world, India is a home to the finest architectural heritage, serene ghats, spectacular landscapes and largest tiger reserve! With over 22 spoken languages, 6 major religions and 2000 ethnic groups, India truly embraces the meaning of Unity in Diversity. Extending from snow-covered Himalayan heights to tropical rain forests of the south, gives the country, India is truly a country with a distinct geographical entity. Today, as the world’s most populous democracy and an occupant of greater part of South Asia, India has taken pride in exhibiting it’s world renowned heritage as old as 5000 years ago.
With myriad of attractions like Taj Mahal, India is amongst the most popular destinations in the world.  Our well known hospitality as Kumbh melas, one of the largest gatherings in the world with our philosophy “atithi devo bhavo” meaning the guest is god has Inspired  AMSEP India to deliver the best to our distinguished delegates from other AMSA Chapters.
We’ve previously hosted delegates from AMSA Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan. And went beyond AMSA to host an exchange for FAMSA Nigeria. Our insightful academic events and community service programs have been designed to provide delegates with an opportunity for greater participation and commitment.
Hopefully, through this tenure, AMSEP India will continue to empower it’s members to step up to the strengthen the past legacies and lead change! AMSEP India aims to enhance it’s performance and showcase the heritage and warmth of India throughout the unforgettable activities to our friends in AMSA International! So come to the land of opulence, and dive deeper into India’s Rich culture, natural splendors and as you travel through, don’t forget to be a part of our festivals and feasts!
Aapka intezaar rahega!
We are looking forward to host you.
Empowering Minds, Enhancing Performances
Anushree Rai
Director of AMSEP India 2021/22