Academics forms one of the prime pillars of the AMSEP .The program allows members of AMSA to participate in a pre-clinical or clinical exchange to a chapter of their liking.

This invigorating  aspect  gives students the opportunity to not only learn about the healthcare and medical education system but also  understand how research is practiced in the hosting country. The first hand Clinical experiences will give you the much needed exposure to a wide range of patients and cases. The program undergoes great modifications every year and the hosting universities continually strive towards incorporating the latest medical advancements and state of the art techniques into the exciting schedule.


 A holistic exchange experience is incomplete without getting a taste of the vibrant culture and lively social life of the country .Be it the lip smacking food, unique traditions, the picturesque landmarks or the glitzy nightlife ,a group of hosting committee members will accompany and guide you through every little thing  that makes the hosting country absolutely unique. The AMSEP will only be the beginning of lifelong international friendships and unforgettable memories , which will surely make you come back for more!


We at AMSEP believe that Community Service is pivotal in our effort to create a positive impact as responsible members of society .You will be encouraged to participate in social service activities, which may include visiting patients ,NGOs  or foster homes.The  opportunity to closely interact with people from different stratas of life will not only help inculcate a  sentiment of empathy but also help you acquire certain life skills which are absolutely essential for sensitizing students and aiding you  in becoming better health care professionals in the future.