This AMSEP was simply amazing. It was my first time to visit India, and I was first
scared… well, no. I didn’t feel scary at all. We were picked up at the airport and since
then, we were always with hosting students until the last minute before I leave India.
So this was the safest trip I can think of, all thanks to hosting students and
organizing staffs. Thank you so much.
 And all cultural and academic activities were great. Everything was different from
Japan. For example, hospitals are trying to control the health of people in slam
areas, which almost don’t exist in Japan, all the food was curry and nan to me (and
of course nice), and so on. Not only I was able to see the difference, the best part
was, I made friends here and I was able to talk with them about the differences. I
definitely want to visit India again, and I want to cherish this friendship forever.

Yusuke Uesugi

AMSEP INDIA was definitely one of the most wonderful experiences in my life.
From an academic perspective of view, I learned many aspects of medicine by
visiting some hospitals. Especially, l was moved to see doctors’ passion toward
medicine, even in some difficult situation. 
Also, I had many chances to visit some historical places and experienced Indian
cultures. It was breathtaking and helped broaden my horizons.
Above all, I’m so grateful for the hospitality and kindness of the member of AMSEP
INDIA. I had irreplaceable time and was stimulated by interacting  each other. I
believe that the friendship we made will last forever! 
Finally, I’d like to say thank you for all the people who concerned.

Reiko Okada

AMSEP India was absolutely wonderful experience. First I couldn’t get used to the
days in India and I felt anxious about everything, but this stay changed me. Thanks
to the hospitality and consideration of Indian delegates, the stay was very
comfortable. I had a great time with them. 
  My most memorable cultural experience was to see the national border and the flag
ceremony. Japan is an island, so it was my first time to see a border. 
  I got a lot of encouragement from Medical student in India. The stay broadened my
horizons. I will always be grateful.

Mako Hasegawa


AMSA India organized an AMSEP to Japan – The Land of The Rising Sun. I was a
lucky one to get selected for this exchange. At the Osaka University, we were
engaged with various departments within the University and had a one day visit to
RIKEN – one of the largest research institute in the world. Apart from such
educational experiences, we visited places like a Deer Park in Nara, the beautiful
Kinkaku-Ji in Kyoto to Dotonbori in Osaka, the list is endless. The hospitality given
by the Japanese students is the best that you could have anywhere.
The Japanese are really friendly and would actually help you in the best way
possible to whatever query you would have. I took a personal detour after the
exchange to Tokyo by myself and it was here that I realized that all you need to
know before venturing into an unknown land is that "It's Possible".

Japan has indeed given me a wonderful experience and will be an important part of
my student life.
Alen Joseph, CMC Ludhiana

I’m glad I got the opportunity to be a part of this year’s AMSEP. I was very excited
about visiting the country that inspired the design of four Pokémon regions.
At first glance Japan may not seem very foreigner friendly. Most locals do not speak
English. In fact, even people in academia do not speak much English. Despite this
language barrier, Japanese people are unfailingly helpful and extremely friendly.
At the University, we were given a tour of the ER, Paediatrics ward and the doctor-
helicopter (for airlifting patients). We visited the RIKEN, Japan’s premiere research
institute, campus at Kobe. We were also given a tour of the Kobe eye institute for
rehabilitation of visually impaired patients with the aid modern technology.
During our stay in Japan, we visited the city Nara, home to the world’s largest bronze
Buddha Statue and Koyoto, the former imperial capital of Japan. No city better than
koyoto illustrates that Japan is a country where ancient traditions are seamlessly
woven together with modern technology. We visited the golden pavilion at Kinkaku- ji
and the Bell tower of Johto. We also visited the Kiyomizu-Dera temple. Though not
on the itinerary, we managed to squeeze in a visit to the gorgeous Fushimi-Inari, the
shrine with ten thousand vermillion torii gates.
I’m grateful to our Japanese hosts and AMSEP for their meticulous planning that
made this trip so memorable. I shall dearly miss these wonderful people and this
beautiful country.
Sathvik Erla , AIIMS New Delhi

AMSEP India X Taiwan

Being my first exchange, it was a very exciting and insightful experience because of the mix of educative and creative content. I enjoyed the whole 6 days thoroughly, there wasn’t a single dull moment. The banter between the delegates, the exchange of knowledge, and the appreciation of culture , was a very rewarding experience.Throughout the exchange, there was a common feeling of how much alike we were, and I think talking to and learning from students just like us, but coming from a different school of thought and medicine, really helped us grow in our perceptions and understanding.

Seher Ahmed

It was a wonderful experience, the delegates from India and Taiwan were so warm, attending this meet with them made me feel right at home. This has been an amazing experience, and I’ve learnt a lot of things about Taiwan, it’s healthcare and it’s culture and I’ve also made a lot of memories that I will cherish. I’d like to express his grateful I am to AMSEP for making this happen.

Shashwat Misra

For someone who considers herself to be a writer, I am actually short of words to describe what a wholesome experience this exchange was. At the end of the 6 days, it had become such a crucial part of my day. On the 7th day, I felt kinda lost knowing that I won’t get to write to my Andy or see the delegates and learn and have fun through a variety of beautifully curated activities. The people I met and spoke to are so kind, welcoming and super funn! I’ll be honest. I really didn’t expect to make such spontaneous connections in a week long, Virtual Exchange over Zoom. But I did. And I could not have been more happier that I chose to take part in it. Genuinely needed this. This exchange was a ray of sunshine in an otherwise bleak year.

Sumaiya Nadeem

Right from the ice breaking session where we played skribble, to the farewell day where we enjoyed the concert and had eLetter reveal, it was a roller coaster ride. I made so many new friends, each with different perspectives to share, and it was a very relishing experience. The cultural and academic diversity was apparent in the fellow delegates, and I am very grateful for being a part of the unique group of people who came together to make our regular covid life much more exciting and productive. These will be the memories to cherish and cheers to my friends of India and Taiwan and the organizing team for pulling this off.

Freya Kankhara

This exchange program was one of the best experiences of my journey as a Med student . It was much more than just academic and socio cultural sessions . It was about meeting wonderful people across border and building friendships to cherish forever. From exchange of ideas and experiences to exchange of letters made this exchange really special ❤️ I will forever be grateful to team AMSEP for this wonderful experience.

Hemlata Seervi

My experience of the exchange was really great. This was my first exchange and I really learned a lot. This exchange helped me understand about international health structure and also make new friends. All the activities be it academic or socio-cultural helped understand cultures of the other country really well. It was a great experience.

Manas Singh Baghel

It was a wonderful amalgamation of social, cultural and academic events. This exchange was amazing and helped to crib my travel cravings. The virtual tour was breathtakingly beautiful and informative, from places of worship to local cuisine, the whole exchange was a pleasure to attend.

Asmitha P Reddy

AMSEP exchanges are the epitome of time well spent, personally and professionally, in this eccentric era of COVID. The team is absolutely brilliant and the 6-days of AMSEP India*Taiwan were just so wonderful. I recommend it as highly as IMDb recommends ‘The Shawshank Redemption’.

Samyak Bharwad

The AMSEP INDIA – TAIWAN exchange was one experience that can only be described as surreal . These 6 days brimming with fun , laughter and learning ,is what forged new friendships and a new perspective on various topics . Who could’ve thought that one could get such a wholesome experience through a laptop screen .yes, these 6 days about 18 hrs were the most well spent hrs of 2021,and the cherry on top ,we got to be both woody and Andy , probably the highlight of my year till now 😂😊

Ashima palia

The experience was enlightening and also enjoyable. We built a great connection with the Taiwanese delegates especially with the E-Letter activity! The academic events were very well planned. The choice of having the format of Q&A over presentation was a good one as it kept us engaged. Sociocultural days were super fun and still a learning experience. The format of the Community Service part was also appreciated! All in all it was definitely a once in a lifetime experience!

Mariam Jaza Murtaza

The exchange was a treasurable experience, leaving me with fond and warm memories and learnings for years to come. With great efforts and planning put by both the Indian and Taiwan National Teams, the exchange has a balance of learning and enjoyment, creating a conducive environment for both. The unique Andy-Woody E-letter initiative left me with warm and kind messages I would wake up to everyday, fostering a sense of comradery with our fellow delegates. To all those considering to apply for an AMSEP exchange, please do, you will definitely not regret it.

Vedant Shukla

It was my first exchange program, a very memorable one. Every session was full of positivity, and the virtual background, music made it more personalized. I loved the ice breaker sessions. Gaming sessions and Kahoot quizzes made the sessions interactive and engaging. Cultural days were my favorite, and I cherished language sessions and tours. I can’t wait to go there in person. Thank you so much for this opportunity, definitely once in a lifetime experience.

Manan Sharma

TRIAMSEP with Malaysia and Thailand

It was an amazing experience to be a part of such an innovative program such as Tri Exchange with not one but three countries via the network of AMSEP and
connecting with so many people of different nationality even at this time of pandemic at the comfort of our home. The events were well organized smoothly with great ideas and initiatives. The schedule was well made giving us scope of everything including Academic and Cultural with equal time to both. Also the idea of conducting it for such a week’s period was great by not extending it to a long time in a single day gave us a zappy and quick peak of fun and enthusiasm by conducting such a great program. All the events were great and so interactive that I enjoyed everything.
Pratyush Kumar

The first ever virtual tri-exchange was like a giveaway in this pandemic of COVID. It taught that knowledge is boundless and it can be shared with anyone in any form. This exchange program was worth it and became memorable with help of each and every person who was a part of it. It was fun working and learning together with every delegate of all the three countries.
A big thanks to all the organisers who thought about it and ultimately happened with all the liveliness even being a virtual one and made it a success. 
Kritika Upadhyay


My first ever virtual tri- exchange experience has been amazing. At first I couldn’t imagine how it will be practically possible to interact virtually but all the three teams have done an amazing work in making this possible, this has been an absolute journey, I could interact with the delegates and express my opinions. The icebreaking session was absolute fun with all the games by the three chapters.
It has been a pleasure to be a part of this exchange representing India and to being able to talk about the rich diversity of Indian culture, food, language and the heritage it holds. Also, learning about beautiful cultures of Malaysia and Thailand was a delight and finding out how some of their culture is somewhat similar to the Indian culture was surprising. Their rich culture makes me want to visit these countries even more now.
The academic sessions were quite fruitful which included the Indian bioethics
workshop and the step by step clinical approach. Our group discussions on the
current situation of the coronavirus pandemic and how to open up tourism, schools was interesting. This exchange fulfilled all the goals that AMSA stands for-
Knowledge, Action, Friendship.
Looking forward to visit these countries soon and meeting the delegates in person.
Thank you for this experience and for having me on board.
Arshiya Dayal

I feel very lucky and proud to be a part of the historical moment created in AMSA family. The virtual AMSEP has given me chance to meet members from AMSA family overseas. Starting from the amazing academic session by all the three countries were very informative & enlightening. The session about building a good communication and relation with your patient was very important to be discussed on such international platform for ensuring better treatment facilities to your patient. The later sessions about COVID-19 conditions in Malaysia and Thailand, how they dealt with it. The
difference and understanding global health & public health development was very intriguing & interesting to be discussed.
The socio-cultural tour of Malaysia and Thailand was really mesmerizing, their
similarity in culture with our Indian culture. It was a breath-taking moment for me to represent my country and teach our language & the beautiful diversity of my
Incredible Bharat”.

I would like to congratulate all the AMSEP team for the tri-exchange success and
thank you to coordinators from India for letting me be part of this super fun
Sumedha Pandey

My experiences as an Indian delegate for days of the Tri-exchange are the
memories I look back to, today, whenever I am looking for motivation.
This was my first national level AMSA program, and I was very nervous (but excited of course) on the first day of the Virtual Tri-exchange. Then, we had our introductions and icebreaking. As the days went by, we had the academic and sociocultural sessions, and I saw everyone be so frank with each other and so receptive to novel, international and cross country friendships.
This is what I realized through AMSA and AMSEP and I am grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to become a part of it. I got new perspectives to the field of medicine through the academic sessions and I learnt a lot.
I learnt to come out of my shell of introversion and speak up with confidence.

Travelling, living like a local, and meeting new people is one of my most favourite things to do. Learning new languages and cultures, understanding their religion and mythologies is also a hobby I am incredibly obsessed about. And that whole aesthetic experience was handed to me, at my home itself!!! I am just a little sad that this wasn't a live exchange, but this was one of the best possible use of the time we have at our hand, in lockdown. The community service and competition organising was a good teamwork experience. I now know how much coordination and dedication is required for a fundraising campaign and how talented my fellow delegates are.
This whole program was commendable, good work by the AMSEP team. I am
looking forward to many more Exchange programs and other AMSA events with you all and my new AMSA friends.